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Client Reviews

Fantastic Attorney

Mr. Sobotka represented me in a very lengthy divorce proceeding, involving custody and other marital issues. He was recommended to me as a very good attorney, and he and his team did not disappoint! Through his diligence and guidance, i was able to retain custody of my children, which was the most important issue to me. He has now brought Timothy Bitler into his office, and Tim has also been a great help and finished the final details of the divorce for me. My ex-wife has had 5 different attorneys represent her through the proceedings, and when in court, were clearly not of the same caliber as Mr. Sobotka and Mr. Bitler. These gentlemen come highly recommended, not just by me, but by my family who were present and involved in the various hearings, and I am pleased to count them as friends also.

- (5 star review)

Divorce done quickly

I hired attorney Sobotka for my divorce case. It was a complicated case involving a business and substantial assets. My wife and her attorney made things very difficult. Nonetheless I obtained a fair settlement relatively quickly. I attribute that fair settlement to attorney Sobotka’s efforts. He was aggressive when he needed to be and knew how to get the case finished without spending years in court. He was prompt in returning phone calls and always prepared. Highly recommended.

- (5 star review)

Custody case with results

I hired attorney Sobotka to represent me in a custody case. My wife was refusing to allow me any reasonable custody time with my two children. Mr. Sobotka had the case scheduled for trial and eventually I obtained a shared custody order which was more than I was asking for. Mr. Sobotka handled the case professionally, was always prepared, and most importantly got results. I would recommend him to anyone in a custody dispute.

- (5 star review)

Very Satisfied

I used him for a divorce. I was satisfied. I would recommend him.

- (5 star review)

Divorce Case

Dave handled my divorce case beautifully. His professionalism and timely manner concerning important information was excellent. It was truly a relief not having to worry about the legal matters so I could concentrate on my family and personal life. It was definitely a stress free experience with Dave handling my legal issues. Thank you Dave, your the best. I would recommend you to all my friends and family.



First of all, let me say that I had Mr. Sobotka handle my son’s estate. In a very difficult time, he took care of everything most efficiently and thoroughly.

Secondly, I worked as Mr. Sobotka’s paralegal for over 20 years. I can honestly and truthfully say that he gave every client his utmost skill and expertise. His first concern was to get his client the best possible result. His second concern was to do it in the most efficient manner. Any one who has had any dealings in the legal community knows that this is not always possible depending on your client, the opposing party,and, in particular, the opposing party’s attorney. I have seen opposing party’s and their attorneys fight over frying pans in divorce proceedings, and barrettes and haircuts in custody proceedings. Some people will not compromise and there is nothing for your attorney do in that case. I have never known Mr. Sobotka to ever prolong a case to obtain additional fees. He is way too busy to prolong a case in order to obtain fees. I always felt that he wanted to resolve the case in the best interest of the client in a most timely manner. I say this unequivocally.

Occasionally, Mr. Sobotka would not get back to a client as soon as a client may think he should have. It was my experience that in the majority of cases, it was because he was in trial or was extraordinarily busy with depositions, etc. But he did respond as soon as he could.

After reading some of these responses, I was absolutely astounded. I retired from Mr. Sobotka’s service in June of 2013. And I can honestly and truthfully say that he was a conscientious attorney. He was extraordinarily knowledgeable and was always concerned with his clients’ best interests . I never knew him to be inappropriate at any time with clients.

Believe me – I know he wasn’t perfect (coming from an employee’s point of view), but I would never, ever hesitate to recommend him to anyone for divorce/custody/support or estate matters.

- (5 star review)

Trustworthy and competent.

I first needed an attorney for a DUI many years ago and was referred to Mr Sobotka by friends. He handled the case superbly at that time so I called upon his services later when going through a divorce. Once again he handled matters in a highly professional manner that resulted in a just and equitable settlement. I have used his services several times since then because he is trustworthy and very competent. I recently referred my son to him for a matter requiring special treatment and Mt Sobotka referred him to another lawyer with the appropriate expertise. My son’s case also settled positively. I thank Mr Sobotka and highly recommend him to others needing expert legal services.

- (5 star review)

Highly Reputable Attorney

5.0 stars
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December 19, 2013
David Sobotka represented me in my DUI case. He made a very difficult time in my life manageable. I felt prepared and informed at every step in the ARD process. Mr. Sobotka answered all my questions and assisted with any concerns I had. He returned phone calls in a timely manner and was always professional. I would recommend him to any family and friends with legal concerns in Family Law; it is clear he has decades of knowledge and experience.

- (5 star review)

Child Custody

Dave was awesome, in helping me understand Child Custody, and Support
I had been taking care of my child and was not married to her mother when her mother attempted a smear campaign and tried to extort me for more money than was allowed by the court.

I would highly recommend him for any Child Custody case. He kept me informed, of evrything and in a timely fashion

- (5 star review)

Knowledgeable, honest attorney

David Sobotka represented me in my divorce. He was very understanding of the stress that I was under during that difficult time but was always honest and kept me informed as to what was or could transpire throughout the divorce proceedings. He managed to finalize my divorce by corresponding with opposing counsel, never needing to spend any time in the court room. David did encourage me to pursue child support payments through the Domestic Relations system, but I did not take his advice. Eventually I did get my child support court ordered. Coincidentally, the support obligation that my “ex” was then court ordered to pay, was double the amount he had been paying me. It was too late to recoup the “lost” support money. I should have listened to Attorney Sobotka’s advice initially as he always looks out for the best interest of his clients and their children.

- (5 star review)

Great custody attorney!

I’m a guy that had the worst possible scenario – I worked full time and my ex was a stay at home mom. After separation I got to see my kids only for six hours two days a week and no overnights, because that is what my ex decided was appropriate. My attorney at the time did nothing to help my case and in fact kept telling me that because of my situation the court likely won’t give me any more time, and that I should accept the fact that I can’t see my kids. Well after firing him and going through one more attorney that told me more or less the same thing, I wasn’t about to give up. Mr Sobotka’s name came up several times from different people and I decided to give him a try. And yes we were in court a lot, but I now have my kids 50% of the time and I couldn’t say enough good things about Mr Sobotka. He was always professional, knowledgeable, always handled my concerns in a timely fashion, had a good reputation in court, and his prices were probably a quarter of my previous attorneys’ prices. Not to mention that his results speak for themselves. I would recommend him to anyone needing a divorce/custody attorney.

- (5 star review)

Friendly and Knowledgeable Attorney

Timothy worked as an intern for my attorney David Sobotka during the lengthy custody and divorce proceedings that were very complicated and difficult due to the spitefulness of my ex-wife, and then started working out of Mr. Sobotka’s office after passing the Bar. He has handled the final proceedings of my divorce with diligence and courtesy and is very personable. He works very efficiently, as does Mr. Sobotka, and did a great job for me. I would highly recommend Mr. Bitler

- (5 star review)

Excellent performance

During our case for a pfa case Mr.Bitler kept in contact with us, explained any concerns we had and was just pleasure to work with.

- (5 star review)