Practice Areas

Family Law

Family law cases such as divorce and child custody can be emotionally draining. Not only are these types of cases difficult on a personal level, but the laws in each state can be complicated and sometimes difficult to understand. You need to find an attorney who understands the complexities of the law as well as someone you can count on to fight for you and your family every step of the way.

Estate Planning & Administration

The Law Offices of David S. Sobotka can assist you with all of your estate planning and administration needs. The loss of a loved one is never easy, however, having a knowledgeable attorney by your side can help make the process of administering the loved one’s estate less emotionally draining.

General Practice

Whether you're currently dealing with family matters, estate planning, or other legal concerns, you can benefit from the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney. Depending on the nature of your case, it may behoove you to work with a general practice lawyer with a broad background. The attorneys at the Law Offices of David S. Sobotka could be your ideal legal advocates, as they have successfully resolved a wide array of complex legal matters.